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This is the place where YOU, the dedicated Twilight fan, get to post your comment that someday, SOMEHOW, Stephenie Meyer MAY read. And, as I sit here with my English teacher beside me as she hungrily reads Twilight,  I can feel confident in that statement.
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09/16/2008 15:27

Please post comments! We have to save this book! Edward saw Bella's mind...we should see his!

Sarah :)
09/16/2008 17:13

yay!! a round of applause for our genius webmaster who has lead us out of a maze of errors, to this wondrous page, where our comments can flow as our longing for "Midnight Sun" does! Now that we have everything set up, there is nothing stopping us! More than anything, we want to see the story through Edward's golden eyes! Please help us show Stephenie Meyer that she will always have our support, and we are willing to wait for her finished "Mindnight Sun". But we will not let her give up for good! She owes it to herself, to her characters, and to her readers to complete the life-touching stories she started. All we ask is that she give to us the last piece, which we made room in our hearts for. Edward's mind is something all of us know is worth waiting a while, if Stephenie needs time to recover from the awful crime committed against her. But if we are told that we will never get to see it wholly and in the way that Stephenie intended it, the sun may never come out again. We can't let this happen! We must stand up and show Stephenie Meyer our love for the world she has created for us. She needs us more now than ever! **Please help us save "Midnight Sun" by posting a comment! We will eventually be using these comments like names on a petition to show Stephenie how much we care! So, please, for the love of Stephenie Meyer, Edward, and everything "Twilight" post a comment! Together we can make a difference!! :) thank you all so much!

09/16/2008 17:46

we neeed to read this book,
if not, so many people will be utterly disappointed.
The entire Twilight series is amazing, to say the least.
Edward Cullen is every girls fantasy, please don't take that last piece of hope away from us!
Never give up, always press on through good times and bad.

I ♥ Twilight !

09/16/2008 18:21

Well i love this book for a simple reason.......... it brings soooo much joy to my freinds.... and theres nothing i like more then my freinds being happy..... i love them to be happy! Ive never read the book so im sorry i dont know much about it and i just wanna so that you have to keep writing this book cuz my friends LOVE it! so please please please please keep on with the book!

09/16/2008 18:37

YAYu figured out how to get comments!!!! SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!! hows that?!?!?! seriously people dont u wanna see wut it was like for edward not to b able to see into bella's mind? how much he had to restraint himself from crushing bella, which to him would b like snapping a twig! i mean come on!! who wouldnt! and maybe this would even like get stephenie inspired to rewrite the hold twilight series in edwards mind!! probably not... but it might! look at how many people there are on all those other SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN websites! we can do wayyy better!! these stories bring so much happiness to the twilight fans, imagine how much more happiness there would b if we got to take a peak into edwards mind! just like sarah said, we gotta show stephenie how much support she has! so pleeaasseeee go on with the series!

09/16/2008 18:42

save the midnight sun. there are so manyfans who want it saved!!!!

09/16/2008 18:48

Save Mightnight Sun! Stephenie Meyer's friend had let her down but she can't let us down, the millions of fans who want to see Edward's Mind, his perspective of Twilight. First off, Stephenie Meyer is a genius for creating this amazing series that has become a part of my everyday life. There is never a day where i don't say something that has to do with the book such as "That kid looks like Jacob" or "I love winter, we all get pale and look like vampires!" or how about "i wish i was a Cullen!". Stephenie Meyer is such a great author, and deserves to finish Midnight Sun. We are Stephenie Meyer's fans and we support her 100% but to tell us that we will get to see the amazing Edward Cullen's mind and then to keep it from us, and not right. I would be very upset if i were her but Stephenie Meyer, you can take all the time you want we just want to know that there is hope and eventually we will be able to look into Edward's mind with your permission. Most of us fans out there have not and will not read Midnight Sun without you wanting us to and until you publish it . All we can really do is hope and believe that you will not let us down and that someday we will be able to look into Edward's mind. You deserve to finish this book,Stephenie Meyer, you can do it!

09/16/2008 18:52

To Our Beloved Genius Stephenie Meyers: After devouring all four books in the span of one busy week, I can honestly say WE NEED MORE! WE NEED MIDNIGHT SUN! Although I (and all your legion fans) admit that the leak was a tragic breach of trust, we assure you that, should you continue the novel, that leak will in no way impact the number of future readers (and re-readers, as anyone who has read the books once tends to read them again, as soon as humanly possible). In addition, withholding Midnight Sun punishes NOT the leaky manuscript person but only the avid fans! Please don't punish us for something we didn't do!! And on a closing note, I'm wowed by the authors' point: Edward got to see into Bella's mind... please let us keep peeking into his!!! We can't get enough of him :-)

Ally <3's twilight
09/17/2008 12:41

Hey! I don't have time to write alot so i'll be back to post a comment... but i just wanted to say: SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!

09/18/2008 18:50


09/18/2008 19:00

SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!! WE MUST KNOW WHAT EDWARSD THOUGHT AND FELT TO EVERYTHING!!! Really. I want to know so bad! The first chapter was so amazing!!! People of the workd who love the twilight series LEAVE A COMMENT IF U WANT TO READ MIDNIGHT SUN!!! =D

09/19/2008 12:08

We HAVE to save Midnight Sun!!! We want to know whats going on inside Edward's head!! SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN!!! :]

10/07/2008 17:10

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEp! Please help save Midnight Sun! Save valuable literature! Save happiness! Save Edward!!!!>.< <('-'<) <('- ')> (>'-')> wewt wewt wewt wewt! Please help :{

Ally <3
10/08/2008 12:15

Hey.I finally have a chance to leave a comment! Everyone has done such a good job so far trying to save midnight sun, and i know we can do it! We just can't give up! This is OUR book. As i know if you are a Twilight fan, you cant just read them once, so Stephanie Meyer re should give us more! I don't know about you but I want to see in Edwards mind, its only fair!

10/10/2008 16:46

i totally adored the entire twilight series!!!! plz world! save midnight sun!!! i must read it!! we all must read it!!! so get off ur butts and do somethin about it!! lol yay us and twilight!! i luv u edward!! <3 <3 <3

jessie again!
11/14/2008 14:44

srry idk if we'r supposed to write twice, but i couldnt contane myself! u guys are doin a FABULOUS job on the website!!!!! nd we rlyyyyyy need to save it ppl!!!! come on it wont kill u to post something bout twilight!! stephenie was soo brilliant as to create this series and its not over!! she has written a 5th book and it should b published! not publishing the book wont punish the person who put it on her website, its just hurting her fans! dnt u wana c wuts in edwards mind! i kno i defintatly do. i read the first chapter.. i admit it, im srry! i couldnt help it! and it was FANOMANAL!!!!! we NEED to save this book!!! pretty pls help us!!!

(srry again if u didnt want us to write 2 comments :] couldnt help it!)

11/25/2008 19:19

Despite some of the negitive comments on the internet- I can ensure you that there are alot of loyal fans who love Stephanie's work. I think the people who love these characters, including Stephanie deserve to see the story complete. Great work!

Sarah & Kelly < 3
11/28/2008 22:24

Thanks guys for these great comments. Your effort, dedication, and love is greatly appreciated by us and most importantly, Stephanie Meyer. She must be proud to have such a loyal and committed fan base. We are just awed by your faithful display of the devoted feeling that we all share for Stephanie's amazing novels. We feel that our heartfelt gratitude should be shared with you, after all that you've done for us, Stephanie, and all of the Twilight Nation. It may seem that one comment is insignificant, but each page contributes to a novel. Stephanie's books have filled a thirst, that we didn't even realize we contained. Our hearts have been completed by each compelling page of the saga, but we still hunger for that last glimpse of the story through immortality's eyes.

Stephanie has such an intriguing and extraordinary series in her hands. But, as we all know and feel, there is an essential factor that is absent. This factor is the highly anticipated but unfortunately withheld, Midnight Sun. Stephanie alone can fabricate this opportunity to see our beloved Twilight from a dazzling perspective.

Please help us help Stephanie see that she needs this closure as much as we also need it. We wholeheartedly appreciate every sentence of your comments that contribute to our mission in saving Midnight Sun. Thank you so very much for reading what we have to say. Hopefully, in the near future, Stephanie will see how much hard work and dedication all of her fans have given to this worthy cause. Thank you :)


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