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The Midnight Sun Must Rise!

For those of you who don't know, Midnight Sun is the highly anticipated retelling of Twilight in perspective of the beloved Edward Cullen. Millions of twilight fans around the world have been patiently waiting all along for the release of this book, some looking forward to it even more that Breaking Dawn. Now, that Breaking Dawn (left me breathless....) has been released, Midnight Sun is the next thing on every "twilighters" must read list. Now it's time for me to throw you out of fantasy land, a place where Midnight Sun still exists. Midnight Sun has been "postponed indefinitely." WHY?! You are probably screaming if this is the first place you heard it. Why, WHy WHY?! Well, if you don't wan to hear it from me, here is the link to Stephenie's official webpage, but if not here is my summary. Stephenie Meyer gave out a few copies of the first twelve chapters of the beloved Midnight Sun to her closest friends, and now, illegally, those chapters have been posted on the internet. Poor Stephenie was distraught, as  this violated so many of her rights bth as an author and as a human. So, she has decided to postpone Midnight Sun indefinitely, because she feels like if she continues now... the story just won't be the same. So in an effort to stop her fans from being illegal, Stephenie has posted the first twelve chapetrs on HER website, but she prefers we don't read them.
So if that's where Midnight Sun is left, where does that leave us???????
That's why I made this website, to help Stephenie in her moment of need. YOU as a Twilight Saga fan, can help. Post your motivational comments here of why you think Stephenie Meyer should, on her own time, after she has gotten over this, continue Midnight Sun. I mean come on, Edward got to see into Bella's mind, so WE should get to see into his.

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